music is a revenue driver

How it works

“The soundtrack of our lives and … those different moments of sound guide our moods and change our choices.”
There is an art and science to it and we believe and work with the composition of sound customising the fit for our customers indiuvidual needs.

Daily, weekly and monthly we update your system with new tracks via the internet or by disc. Our music updates endevour not only to update with contempory music but also reflect specifically your needs. You can create your own playlists, schedule different music for different times of the day, play your own branded music category, work with us to create your own branded music category, play and mix over 40 different categories carefully customised by us, play different music in multiple zones and play instore messaging, which we can create also. Have a listen below to our favourite album of this months, check our our various categories of call us for a free trial.

Control Your Content
DonkeyMedia Copyright Music Collection increases sales and makes your store or restaurant stand out Play the right music at the right time

Control content. Choose your own categories. Play multi-music zones. Create your own play-lists.

Music Categories
Digital Menu Boards increase profits, brand awareness and customer spend Customise and control your music.

We pride ourselves on providing the best music consultancy to our clients.

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Donkeymedia Music reduces your costs and increases customer spend in your store shop or restaurant bar Contact us for a free 2 week trial

Our selection of Music is tailor made for the Irish Market.