Daily, weekly and monthly we update your system with new tracks via the Internet or by disc. Our music updates endeavour not only to update with contemporary music but also reflects specifically your needs. You can create your own playlists, schedule different music for different times of the day, play your own branded music category, work with us to create your own branded music category, play and mix over 40 different categories carefully customised by us, play different music in multiple zones and play instore messaging, which we can create also. Have a listen below to our favourite album of this month, check our various categories of call us for a free trial.

Digital Content

We have developed digital signage systems optimised for the retail and supermarket trade. Our digital display systems work for the small independent outlets as well as large national chains. Working with outlets we create a platform for promotion and sales that allows for constant change and multiple updates daily that are scheduled to target specific markets. Take the hassle out of your billboard with a digital solution. We make websites, brochures and print material, complementing your in store marketing strategy.

Our digital signage technology allows you to decide what products to promote and when to promote them - surplus and unused items can be moved quickly. This new medium is the most effective form for increasing revenue, informing and educating your customer. Whether you want to increase your brand image or simply show off your in-store promotions, we can make an in-store customised information displays. Web design, SEO optimisation, brand procurement and one off promotional publications are all part of the service available with Donkeymedia. Let us build your brand while you concentrate on building your business.

SEO optimisation, web design, brand procrument and one off promotional publications are all part of the service available with Donkeymedia. Let us build your brand while you concentrate on building your business.

Equipment Installations and Upgrades

Our professional team have over 25 years of experience and are there to work with you, providing the best audio installation expertise and equipment for your premises to optimise your signature sound.

Often speakers, amps and audio equipment issues are the reason we are called. Unfortunately if we are not managing your equipment we cannot assist. With our fully integrated service, let us scope and install the system that maximises your audiovisual potential. Screens, Speakers, Amps, Outdoor area, we have the professional experience to build the optimum atmosphere. Have a look at some of our work here!

Products and Services

Customised music, digital content or installations services.

Instore Music

We are passionate about music, that the music you play is an integral part of what you are. Therefore no two clients play the same. With customised playlists we work with you until we get it right and then update daily, weekly, monthly via the internet or manually.

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Digital Content

As part of Retail Media Systems consortium we offer a range of digital services. From digital signage and menu boards, to website development and branding opportunities we can assist in the development of your brand. Contact our design team for more.

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It is not just the music but also the quality of sound that sets you apart. We care about how that sound is delivered. Contact us today for an unbeatable quote on your full audio installation service for your P.A, speakers and player.

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