Choosing the right music?

Creating the right sound is time consuming and difficult to maintain. Let us do it for you.

We build Brands

Donkeymedia Single Zone Player

Donkeymedia single zone player takes full control of what’s playing in your business. Remotely or physically updated, daily, weekly, monthly this box is the perfect foolproof solution and is not affected by internet down time.

Schedule, or create your own distinct sound through our handpicked selection of premium tunes and stand out from the rest.

Donkeymedia Multi-Zone Player

If finding your music solution is a complex undertaking, particularly for larger premises; we have the perfect option for you. Our Donkeymedia multi zone player allows you to create the optimum mood for specific zones and is the most cost efficient product on the market.

You may need the most contemporary schedule for your bar, a non-copyright option for your large lobby or award winning relaxation enveloping your spa. With a free consultation and installation we can customise and create the perfect fit. Call today for your Free trial!

Soundtrack your Business

Donkeymedia are premium partners with Soundtrack your Brand, a Spotify-backed music system that allows you to control your music on the go. This unique device allows you to import and play your own Spotify playlists while remaining legally compliant. With fifteen years experience we can customise, schedule and create the perfect soundtrack for your business. You have unlimited access to our professionally curated soundtracks and free consultancy while we build your unique sound.

Import Spotify Playlists

With our platform you can plug and play your favourite Spotify playlists or merge them with our professionally curated categories. Together we can customise a sound that is uniquely yours, harnessing the experience of year of creating mood with your personal touch and style.

Schedule your music

Different times of day call for different moods, lift your music as the day progresses or bring the atmosphere down for the evening shift. Whichever is your preference we can schedule any playlist for any time of day or night.

Control remotely

This unique feature allows you to control your music on the go. From your phone you can change the music at your premisis with a touch of a button. Download the app and give it a try.